Lateral and Frontal measurements accurately trace radiographs, create progress super impositions and much more. Allows for easy and accurate planning, diagnose and case presentation on Orthodontic and Surgical applications.

The panoramic is an overview image that is used to show the upper and lower jaws, erupted and un erupted teeth, and to evaluate root alignment, TMJ’s and the sinuses.

These are static images acquired in a lateral or frontal projection.  These views show the bone and soft tissues of the head and are used to evaluate jaw growth and spatial relationships of the jaw.

3.  Cephalometric Tracing/Analysis


5.  Wrist/Carpel Index

A static image taken of the patients wrist.. Helps doctors diagnose anatomical VS chronological bone growth.

Cervical Spine X-Ray (C-Spine X-Ray) is performed to investigate neck pain, particularly following trauma or in cases of chronic neck pain with findings of upper limb weakness, numbness or tingling.

The standard 5 views taken are the AP (anteroposterior view, which looks at the spine from the front); lateral (which looks at the spine from the side) and flexion and extension views (this looks at the upper part of the cervical spine and requires the patient to open the mouth wide) and the Odontoid process.

4.  Panoramic

2D Services

2D Images

  1. Lateral Cephalometric
  2. PA Cephalometric

A series of facial and intra-oral photographs taken digitally and process with a state of the art professional color printer to withstand the test of time.  We have many types of mounts that are utilize per case study.

7.  Photographic Survey

6.  Cervical Spine Series